Samstag, Mai 16, 2009

Two pictures out of forgotten realms

Wading through unsorted photostacks on my harddrive, i re-discovered these two drawings i made as a leaving present for my two best artschool collegues Paris and Adonis (yeah, don't old greek names definately rock? :D ) during an Erasmus- semester in Salamanca. Greetings from here, hope to cya soon, fellas!!

Another topic and announcement: My website was HACKED by some sort of jerk i unfortunately can't trace back to take some kind of horrible revenge...since then
the site spreaded viruses to visitor-computers using internet explorer. I really hope you didn't get infected! but who still uses ie in these days...?
I will do my best to get the site back up in short time, and hopefully i get the clue on how to protect against such kiddy-pimplenerd-boredom-outgrowth.