Samstag, Mai 02, 2009

me likes drawing

One lifedrawing from a train ride and a loose master study of a drawing by Tony Ryder.

I forgot to add a seat plane for the old woman, so i added one in Photoshop, in case anybody wonders.. ;)

Montag, April 27, 2009


Ich habe beschlossen, meinen Blog zu internationalisieren und werde mein Geschreibsel deswegen von nun an auf English fortsetzen, so here we go...

I want to keep in shape with my drawing abilities and try to build up a daily practising routine again, so maybe i can push my limits a bit more in some time concerning accurancy, perspective drawing, outta-head drawing & -shading, overall-greatness etc... ;)

Here's one drawing out of lifedrawing-class and one from photography. Ok, there's barely creativity envolved, but i simply love to occupy my mind with just interpreting what i see and feel on paper with a sharpened pencil...