Dienstag, März 29, 2011


Montag, März 07, 2011

Some kind of a Spacegirl

Maybe the inspiration was something inbetween Travis Charests' spacegirl, skateboard-art and a pack of smarties for this.

Anyway, i wanted to do some outline/comic-stuff for the first time after a couple of years. It was quite fun, even though cutting outlines with a graphic tablet in photoshop is not the most efficient and joyful choice, i guess. The next time i will do my best using traditional pens.

Just a thumbnail, no need to click.

Dienstag, Februar 22, 2011

In eigener Sache

Dienstag, Februar 01, 2011

Durchaus feierbar

Schon manch ein großer Künstler, Komponist, Schriftsteller oder Würstchenverkäufer hat nicht erreicht, was Burni S. und meine Wenigkeit souverän gepackt haben: 30 werden! Und deswegen gibt's die große Sause am oben genannten Termin. Wer danach nicht wie 40 aussieht hat nicht richtig mitgefeiert!!

Mittwoch, Januar 26, 2011

drew what sat in front of me

Started to draw my collegues' desk, but i had to invent him afterwards 'cause when i was done with the desk-stuff after 5 minutes he already sat on his drawing table... :P

Donnerstag, November 25, 2010

let's welcome these new powergroups

Montag, November 22, 2010

Montag, Oktober 04, 2010

My studio collegue Tim Többe while working his ass off.